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In the name of Allah, the Most High

Travelers' Prayers and Fast as per the Ruling of
Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani

1)  Those who travel more than 45 kilo meters (outward and return distance) for anyone reason at least once in less than every ten days, they must offer complete prayers and observe fast in all places and in all journeys.

2)     It is not necessary for such individuals to travel for at least three or four months. Their prayers would be complete, if they travel four times successively in a month provided that there should not be a gap of ten days between their journeys.

3)     Generally speaking, if those individuals whose prayers are full (complete) intend to stay in their hometown or elsewhere for ten days, their prayers are short after ten days in the first journey and complete in the second journey.

4)     Places where a person is studying or working are not treated /considered as hometown (watan). Hometown is where a person intends to settle and live permanently.  Therefore, a place where a person has a mission to fulfill or a work to accomplish is not considered hometown no matter how long he may have to stay there.

This ruling is applicable only for those individuals who make one journey at least once in less than ten days.  As for students, government employees and seminarians who stay in their places of study or education for more than ten days or stay in their hometown during vacation for more than ten days, this ruling does not include them; they should offer short prayers except for when they are intending to stay for ten days.