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News of the Office of the Great Shia Religious Authority
Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Fazel Lankarani

  News of the Offices of His Eminence

  •  1. News of His Eminence's Central Office in Qom
  •  2. News of Mashhad Office
  •  3. News of Tehran Office
  • His Eminence in the News

  • Muslims of the World Must Stand Against Zionist Conspiracy to Destroy Masjidul Aqsa(Jomhouri Islami)
  • Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani appeals Majlis to give priority to eradicating poverty(Jomhouri Islami)
  • Grand Ayatollah Fazel Stresses Complete Freedom of Russian Shiite Muslims (Jomhouri Islami)
  • Executives in Charge Must Help Improve People's Religious and Living Condition(Jomhouri Islami)
  • U.S. Spreading Corruption and Misleading Youth to Compensate its Defeat from the Revolution(Jomhouri Islami)
  • Enjoing Good and Forbidding Evil Require No Budget (Iran)