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Inauguration of Jurisprudence Center of Pure Imams (a.s.) – London Branch

In the name of Allah, the Most High

The Jurisprudence Center of Pure Imams (peace be upon them) has been inaugurated and opened to the public in London under the auspices of the office of late Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani – may his soul rest in peace.
This center aims to publish religious and jurisprudential works, translate important scientific texts and present the pure thoughts of Imamiyah Fiqh (jurisprudence) in legal matters. It also aims to communicate with European scientific centers and universities and also help provide answers to the believers' religious queries.
It is necessary to note that the establishment of such a center had been emphasized and stressed by the Grand Ayatollah in his last will and testament.

In addition, the Jurisprudence Center of Pure Imams (a.s.) which was inaugurated in Qom in 1997 in the Islamic Seminary of Qom has branches in Mashad, Afghanistan, Syria and Malaysia and the London branch is the fifth branch of the Center.
The Jurisprudence Center of Pure Imams (a.s.) has thus far trained great scholars and experts in jurisprudence many of whom will gain the degree of Ijtehad in the near future. The Center has also been able to provide trained and dedicated teachers to the society. Also, in the research aspect, the Center has taken great steps towards creating and producing valuable works. For instance, Encyclopedia of Children's Rights is one of the unique works accomplished by the Center.
This Center has a specialized library in legal and jurisprudential sciences incorporating fifty thousand books which are available for students and researchers of the seminary.

Address of Jurisprudence Center in London: 68 Creffield Road, London W3 9PS
Tel: 02089938022