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Dictionary - J
- J -
The person who makes the contract of Jaaleh.
Medicine. Cover or cloth, which is placed over a wound or broken part of body.
Ignorant and unaware of the issue. One who does not know the rulings of Shariah in an issue.
Jahele Ghaser:
An ignorant or unaware person who is not in a position to get divine rulings and he/she is aware of his/her position.
Jahele Moghasser:
An ignorant or unaware person who has had a chance to learn the divine ruling but he/she has neglected to do so.
Loud voice. To recite something aloud.
An animal, which is accustomed to eat Nejasat.
Sexual intercourse.
Jarh, Jorooh :
Springs forth from the earth and then flows, like the water of a spring or a Qanat (underground water canal).
A contract according to which, one declares that he/she will pay a certain reward to whoever performs a certain job such as finding a lost person. The person who declares it is Jael and the person who does the job is Amil (agent).
A person who has entered the state of Ihtelam or has had intercourse with someone.