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Dictionary - K
- K -
Kaffaie, Wajeb:
Wajebe Kaffaie
Kaffara Jaam:
Three kinds of Kaffara together (giving food to 60 poor people, 60 days of fasting and setting a slave free).
A person who undertakes personal surety.
One who does not believe in oneness of Allah and prophethood or both, in other words:
1. A person who believes Allah has companions;
2. A person who denies existence of Allah;
3. One who doubts about above points;
4. One who denies prophethood of the Holy Prophet of Islam (AS);
5. One who denies necessity of religion and his denial leads to denial of Allah and the Holy Prophet (AS).
Kafire Harbi:
A Kafir who is fighting with Muslims.
Kafire Zimmi:
A person from “the People of the Book (Ahllo Ketab)” who is living under protection of Islamic government provided that he observers certain conditions.
Quality. Method of performing.
Kashfe Khalaf:
Disclosure of violation.
Kathira, Istihaza
Kathirul Shak:
A person who doubts too much.
Personal surety.
Option. Option to cancel a transaction, which are 11 cases and in each of them, parties may invalidate the transaction.
Khoof :
Namaze Khoof.
Kurr Water:
certain amount of water which its dimension and quality are described in Article 19.