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Dictionary - L
- L -
Useless. Senseless.
Lazim Ihtiyat:
Necessary precaution. A precaution, which is established by Mujtahid according to reason.
Necessary. If a Mujtahid finds out the reasons for obligation of a certain act according to Ayat of Qur’an and traditions and can attribute them to the Holy Shareh, then he makes it “obligatory”. But if its obligation is obtained through other ways, such as reasoning, and it is not attributable to Shareh, then he makes it “necessary”. The same difference should be kept in mind about obligatory and necessary precaution, but in action, there is no distinction for Mughalled, (Muqalled) or followers.
Lazimol Wafa:
It is obligatory to do it.
Lazojat Mahal:
Being slippery and sticky.
Limits of Zakat :
Nesabe Zakat.
Found. A property, which is found and its owner is not known. Refer to Articles 2632-2651.