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Mustahab prayers.
A woman who sees blood of Nifas.
Nahi Az Monkar:
Prohibition of evil acts. Prohibiting and discouraging others from any act which is not favored by the Holy Share.
Namazae Mustahab:
Recommendatory prayers. Any Namaz which is good to offer but not obligatory.
Namaze Ayat:
Two Rak’at obligatory prayers for some special occasions such as earthquake, solar or lunar eclipse.
Namaze Eid:
Two Rak’at special Namaz which is offered on the days of Fitr and Adha Eids.
Namaze Ghasr:
Shortened Namaz. Four Rak’ats prayers which are cut to two Rak’ats during travel.
Namaze Ghofaiyleh:
Two Rak’at special Namaz after Maghrib prayers and before the redness in Maghrib is over.
Namaze Ihtiyat:
A prayer without reciting extra Surah, for compensation of doubtful cases.
Namaze Istisqa:
A special prayer for raining.
Namaze Jamat:
Congregation (Mass) prayer. An obligatory Namaz which is offered by two or more persons following one prayer leader (in Friday prayer, at least 5 people should participate).
Namaze Jomah:
A two Rak’at special prayer in the middle of Friday instead of Zuhr prayer which is offered in Mass and with participation of at least 5 persons.
Namaze Khoof:
Daily prayers of a person who in war and similar situations which is offered in a special and shortened way.
Namaze Mayyit:
Special Namaz, which is offered for the dead body of a Muslim.
Namaze Mossafer:
Shortened Namaz. Four Rak’at prayers which should offered in 2 Rak’at form by a traveler.
Namaze Qadha:
A prayer, which is offered instead of one, which its time has passed.
Namaze Shab:
8 Rak’at Mustahab prayers which is performed through 4 rounds of 2 Rak’at Namaz and in the last part of night.
Namaze Shof:
Two Rak’at Mustahab prayers which is offered after 8 Rak’at night prayers (Namaze Shab) or Nafeleh, and before Namaze Vetr.
Namaze Tawaf:
Two Rak’at special Namaz for Hajj rituals and Omrah which is performed after Tawaf (going round Kabah).
Namaze Vetr:
One Rak’at prayer which is offered after Shaff prayer, and it is considered the last Rak’at of Namaze Shab (night prayers).
Namaze Wajeb:
Obligatory prayers for any Muqallaf and they are as follows:
1- Daily prayers (Yomieh);
2- Ayat prayer;
3- Mayyit prayer;
4- Tawaf prayer;
5- Qadha prayers for parents;
6- Namaz made obligatory by vow and covenant or Ghasam.
Namaze Yomieh:
Daily prayers. Obligatory day and night prayers which are 17 Rak’at totally.
A woman who has forgotten the timings of her monthly habit.
Nawafel Yomieh:
Mustahab daily prayers which are 34 Rak’at totally and 38 Rak’at in Friday.
Nazar be Raibeh:
Instigating others to clash or revolt by looking. Looking suspiciously.
Vow, Refer to art 2716.
Necessary :
Necessary Precaution:
Lazim Ihtiyat
Nekah (Nikah):
Limit. Certain limit.
Nesabe Zakat:
A certain limit for each cases of obligatory Zakat.
Night prayers:
Namaze Shab.
Nikah :
Intention. Decision to perform a religious act with the purpose of getting closer to Allah.
Not Ba’eed:
Fatwa is there, unless there is some other statement contrary to it.