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Dictionary - Z
- Z -
Zaed bar Moaneh:
Beyond expenses.
Zafe Mofrat:
Serious weakness.
Zaher is this:
Fatwa is this, unless there is a statement contrary to it.
Zakat Fitreh:
About 3 kg. of wheat, barley, corn, and the like or their equivalent prices which should be given on the occasion of Eid Fitr to the poor or other uses of Zakat.
Zakat, Nesabe
Nesab Zakat.
Free from pollution. A certain part of one’s property that should be allocated to prescribed cases, if it reaches certain limits. There are nine cases.
Zaman Ghaybat Kobra:
The present time. The period of occultation of the 12th Infallible Imam.
Guarantor. Committed.
Non-Muslim Ahlul Ketab (People of the Book) such as Jews and Christians who enjoy the security of Islamic government subject to observation of Islamic social rules and live in Muslim territories.
Obligation. Certainty.
Zarory of Din:
What is undoubted by part of religion such as Namaz and fasting.
Zebh Sharie:
Slaughtering Halal animals according to Shariah rules.
Commitment for doing some act or paying something.
Zimmi, Kafir
Kafir Zimmi
Zuhre Sharae:
Middle of the day according to Shariah rules. In this time, the shade of indicator disappears or is decreased to smallest position. It may defer according to different seasons and horizons.