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Dictionary - G
- G -
A kind of punishment, which is suitable for crime. For example, if one intentionally kills another person, he condemned to death.
Ghiyam Motassel be Ruku:
A rising by the person who is offering prayers just before Ruku which is an essential part of Namaz.
Standing. Rising. Offering prayers.
Front (referring to private parts).
Ghofaiyleh :
Namaz Ghofaiyleh.
A group of Muslims who make exaggerations about Hazrat Ali Amir Almomenin (AS).
Ghorbat :
Ghasde Ghorbat
Boils. Abscess.
Ghusl Irtemasi:
Immersing in water in one time with Niyyat of Ghusl.
Ghusl Jabireh:
A kind of Ghusl which is performed with Jabireh in body and it should be necessarily a Tartibi one.
Ghusl Mustahab:
Recommendatory Ghusl. A kind of Ghusl which becomes suitable in certain times and nights or prayers and pilgrimages such as Ghusl Jom’a and Ghusl Ziyarat.
Ghusl Tartibi:
Immersing head and neck first and then right side and then left side in water, with Niyyat of Ghusl.
Washing. Washing body in a particular from. It has two types: 1. Tartibi and 2. Irtemasi.
Ghusle Wajeb:
Obligatory washing, which has several types:
1. Ghusl Jenabat;
2. Ghusl Hayz;
3. Ghusl Nefas;
4. Ghusl Istihaza;
5. Ghusl Masse Mayyit;
6. Ghusl Mayyit;
7. Ghusl Nazr va Ghasam.
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