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Zamzam Water

Q1: Is it allowed to use Zamzam water from Mecca for ablution (wuĺdhu), even if we are inside The Grand Holy Mosque in Mecca (Masjid al-Haraam)?
A1: There is no problem in it, but one should bear in mind that it should not lead to the obstruction of the rights of the other pilgrims.


Q1: Kindly tell me what is Zina and how would you define it? When does Zina take place?
A1: Zina occurs when penis penetrates to the point of cricumcision (gland) or even less than that.
Q2: Does the above ruling apply to anal penetration also?
A2: Yes, it does.


Q1: Is Zanjir Zani permissible during Muharram? It should be noted that by the word Zanjir Zani I mean Zanjir (chain) only with no knives or cutting tools attached to it. (Many people in the Indian sub-continent ask this question while they mean the chain with knives. Unlike the sub-continent, the word Zanjir is used to give its literal meaning in Iran and other Persian countries).
A1: Zanjir-zani is permissible.


Q1: Are Zoroastrains clean? Can I eat their food?
A1: Zoroastrians are Ahl-e Kitab and they are ritually pure, if they are not Mushkrik (polytheists). You can eat their foods and if their food contains meat of sheep or other halal animals, you can eat it provided that the animals should have been slaughtered by a Muslim according to Islamic laws. There is no objection to eating their food which do not contain meat.