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In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful

وسيعلم اللذين ظلموا اي منقلب ينقلبون

And they who act unjustly shall know to what final place of turning they shall turn back. (26:227)

News received from the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala have hurt the Shiites of the world as well as the entire Muslims and freedom lovers. The World Arrogant and its followers, especially the cunning UK were unlikely to resort to committing such crimes under the pretext of fighting terrorism in this era, the era of democracy. In addition to the discretion of the holy sites which for more than a thousand years have been held in reverence by the Muslims especially the Shiites worldwide, they have killed or injured many a number of individuals and transgressed upon the chastity of their women by force and tricky measures.

فاليك يارب المشتكي وعليک المعول في الشدة والرخاء

Now it is necessary upon the people to show their means of hatred and disgust, which is the lowest level of combat against arrogance, in the form of widespread demonstrations and gatherings so that if, God forbid, the same situation continues they may have to resort to higher levels of those means.

الهي انت القادر بالقدرة المطلقة وانا معترفون بذلک و بعجزنا ففرج عن المسلمين بحق اوليائک الطاهرين

Muhammad Fazil Lankarani
29/2/1383 (A.H)