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In the name of Allah

The address of Ayatolla Fazel Lankarnai regarding the u.s. led military conflict against Iraq.

Today, the world and the alert eyes of the liberal people and Muslims, unfortunately, are observing the cruelties and tyrannies by the super murderer of the century, the government which always tries to tyrannize and pillage by claiming democracy and defending the human rights. Now, that the USA, the great Satan, intends to invade to the Islamic state of Iraq to pan and support Zionism, we need to know that the main goal is Zionist domination and supremacy over the holy graves of the infallible Imams. The world nations are obviously watching that inspite of the global unprecedented disagreement and without any liscence by International centers, how these two puppets of Israel, the U.S. and England, try to occupy the Islamic state of Iraq and dominate over its financial and economic resources.

Although Muslims have suffered from the Iraqi government and born disastrous calamities, and Islamic republic of Iran has granted his best young people in eight-year war against Iraq, and is still suffering the destructive influences of the imposed war, the state, which is looking after the mastery of Israel in the region, must save Iraq or the innocent and deprived people of Iraq?

The USA must know that these hostile movements have aroused all Muslims and the world of Islam, and deepened the enmity for the U.S. the seminary schools the Shiite religious authorities, the great, and the elite of Islamic countries expected this issue to be solved amicably, but the U.S., which has got ready to battle with all the Islamic states, should know that the history of Iraq has shown that its Muslim nation has been always irresistible against the cruel, and the U.S. will be collapsed.

All the leaders and administrations of Islamic states must stand against this invasion, and must not be indifferent. To us and all Muslims, Iraqi people and their soil are of importance, and we should try our best to safe guard them.

Herewith, I express my deep concerns and sadness regarding this issue, and I want imam Mahdi(aj), with his special blessings and pure supplications, to ask the Exalted One to grant independence and magnitude to Muslims.