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In the name of Allah

Ayatollah Fazel's Felicitations on the Advent of Ramadhan

     Felicitations on the advent of the blessed month of revelation of Quran and other celestial books, the auspicious month of Ramadan to all Muslims, in particular Shiites and all lovers of worship and supplications to Allah.
     This auspicious month is a doubled chance to return seriously to the exalted one, and according to the holy tradition of Ascension, our relation with the truth Must High is truly reformed when, through performing the Devine duty of fasting, spring, of wisdom flow in our hearts, fruitful tree of knowledge is grown with the light of wisdom, and in this way we can reach the sweet fruit of certitude.
     Ramadan is in a manner that while arriving the prophet (S) said "Glory be to Allah, what a month has come to you, and you don't know what a great affair you're going to meet".
     Behold on those who have thirst for knowledge and worship, behold on youths who have pure and immaculate hearts, enter this auspicious month with ambition and assiduity, and get ready to perceive "night of the Divine Decree" when the Terrestrial and Celestial kingdoms joined together, the night of descent of Divine angels visiting mo'menins' gatherings and conveying believer's wants to the Divine Court. Make yourselves bound and obliged to attend masques and perform religious duties. We have to cleanse all impurities and obscurities which we let in our selves, in one word, we have to remove any veils between Allah and us and create light of certitude and sincerity desired by the friend of Allah in ourselves.
     Never ignore serving created beings of Allah and looking after the orphan and oppressed which the former is the most favorable of proximities and the latter is the greatest of deeds. Arm yourselves with the sharp weapon of supplication. So, let's pray for our own well-fate, and removal of Islam's problems and those of all Muslims.
     Lest, Ramadan comes and goes, and I take refuge in Allah to say that Devine light is not replaced in our hearts. Lest worship and our duties remain prosaic as before, so that they don't lead to ascension and assumption and stand at the same nadir of abasement. Lest, as before keep Quran in solitude and deprive ourselves of this great Devine banquet.
     I recommend all honorable erudite and orators to centralize their words on Quran and traditions by the prophet (S) and the Immaculate and Infallible Imams, and in additin to familiarizing people with the incomparable and unparalleled knowledge, remedy personal and social sufferings in this way, and avoid useless political disputes which remove pleasure of worship and embitter believers, and make endeavor and strive to strengthen religious power and beliefs of the public.