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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful

    The Muslim nation of Iraq which has suffered for several decades under the boot of tyranny and godlessness of the criminal Saddam and has given many martyrs from the clergy and others are at present caught up with the Great Satan, America the oppressor and it allies. Some time has passed since the military occupation of this country and the holy sites and with each passing day the oppression and aggression are increasing to the extent that now, with complete shamelessness, it (America) has surrounded the holy city of Najaf which is the center of a thousand year old Shiite Howza and the resting place of the first Imam of the Shiites and the leader of the pious, Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.). America must know that the city of Najaf is the capital of the all of the Shiites of the world and if it does not end its siege or, God forbid, out of foolishness, think of attacking, they will be confronted by all the Shiites and the holy religious seminaries throughout the world especially the holy seminary of Qom and the esteemed Marjas (religious authorities) if necessary, will use the last weapon and will stir the entire Shia world against the enemy and in this case it cannot be foreseen what events will take place and what changes will come about.

    At this time it is necessary for the Muslims and the Shiites of Iraq to maintain their unity and solidarity and to follow the orders of marja'iyat (the religious authority) who is present and aware of the events. They must do whatever is necessary and know that the support of this movement is the entire Shia marja'iyat and it is necessary that they should be thinking of expelling the occupiers and (they) must know that the solution of Iraq's problems lies in this very thing and as soon as possible they must take the destiny of their country in their own hands and through coordination with all levels of the society should rebuild the ruins of the past and revive the glory of the religion and the grandeur of Islam, Insha Allah.

Muhammad Fazil Lankarani
1st / Rabi' Al-Mawlud/ 1425