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In the name of Allah, the Merciful the Compassionate

With the advent of the month of Muharram grief and sorrow reappear in the hearts of all believers ranging from the Seal of the Infallibles, the Imam of the Time (may Allah hasten his reappearance) to the rest of the Muslims including the entire freedom lovers. The event of Ashura is the only immortal event of the history that will never be put into oblivion and the number of enthusiasts and lovers of Imam Husain (a.s.) is increasing as the time passes. It is therefore necessary upon his followers to make their best efforts to commemorate the event and pay further tribute to the Imam and hold more commemoration ceremonies.
What we must take notice of is that now-a-days elements such as the misguided Wahabiat sect and tyrant governments such as Israel and the US are now seeking destruction of Islam and trying to harm the religion of the holy Ahlalbayt. The Wahabis leave no stone unturned in spreading lies, slanders and statements which are anti - Quran and anti - tradition. They are making a mockery of the signs and rituals of religion including weeping and lamentation over the sorrows and sufferings of Husain bin Ali upon whom wept all the prophets from Adam to Khatam (the last prophet). They are conspiring in and out of the Islamic country of Iran with the means and equipments of the tyrants and infidelity and by way of altering the Quran and self-made interpretation of some of its holy verses and by accusing Shia of Shirk (polytheism) so as to damage its reputation and separate people from wilayat and adherence to the holy Ahlalbayt.
According to some reports, the global arrogance and the CIA have allocated a large budget for the destruction of Shia and one of their strategies for the said purpose is to temper with the Ashura lamentations (mourning rituals) and steer them in a wrong direction. What is obviously a matter of pity is that some of the followers of Imam Husain, undoubtedly those of the devoted ones are following suit and beating the same drum and are unconsciously doing what the enemies of religion want them to do. Today, Wahabiat is accusing Shia of Shirk whereas Shia has the loftiest monotheistic teachings and Ali (a.s.), Commander of the Faithful, and the great man of Tawhid is Shia's guide and leader. Why should a speaker help to this cause by reciting poems which give an odor of infidelity and Shirk (polytheism)? We have repeatedly stated that if these people cautiously and volitionally utter such words, it is considered Shirk and Shia loaths them and is sick of them.
Respected speakers Noha readers who are proud of having the success of serving the cause of Imam Husain must take such matters into consideration and let not poisonous hands place them at the mercy of their evil objectives. People should be cautious of the words and sayings of the speakers and reporters of the event of Ashura and accept only those sayings which are supported with evidence lest we should not be included by the holy verse of the Holy Quran which says, "(These are ) they whose labor is lost in this world's life and they think that they are well versed in skill of the work of hands. {18:104}"
May Allah resurrect all of us with Husain bin Ali - alaihessalam

Muhammad Fazel Lankarani