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Message of Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani on Israel's recent conspiracy to destroy Masjidul Aqsa mosque

In the name of Allah, the Merciful the Compassionate

After praise to God and salutations on the Holy Prophet (pbuh).
At this time when Masjidul Aqsa, the first Qibla of Muslims is in danger of being destroyed by Zionists and as some media have reported around twenty thousand young Palestinians have embraced the sacred place and are guarding it, it is obligatory on the entire Muslims of the world especially the leaders of the Islamic countries to concentrate their attention on this issue and use their efforts to protect that place.
In addition to being Muslims’ first Qibla, Masjidul Aqsa had been the Holy Prophet of Islam’s destination in his land journey from Masjidul Haram followed by his ascension to the heavens. Negligence is not permissible specially in regards to the conspiracy and plan that the Israeli government has laid out in which it has labeled the Zionist attackers as extremists and the government authorities as opponents.
The root of this conspiracy lies within the Israeli state albeit with coordination and support of the United States of America. The real danger becomes tangible when we take notice of the intention of America and Zionism to gain hegemony over Muslim countries and eliminate Islam and when we learn that they are seeking the destruction of Islam and the two sacred mosques, i.e. Masjidul Haram and Masjid Al-Nabi (a.s.).
Oh Muslims of the world, and those who have concern for religion and Islam in their hearts, beware! do not remain silent against this conspiracy and do not fall short in your responsibility.
I hope God protects all His houses especially the first mosques of the Muslims and save all Islamic countries specially Palestine from the evil of this illegitimate regime. Insha Allah.

Muhammad Fazel Lankarani
11 – 4 – 2005