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Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani’s Message
about Israel’s Attack on Lebanon

In the name of Allah, the Most Exalted
Praise belongs to the Lord of the universe.

Grief and sorrow enveloped Muslims’ hearts upon hearing the news of Israel’s land, sea and air attacks on south Lebanon under the pretext of releasing two captured Israeli’s army authorities. Likewise the massacre of innocent and oppressed Palestinians in Gaza strip created a wave of extreme sadness not only in the hearts of Muslims worldwide but also those of the proponents of human rights and human freedom. What is amazing is that these heinous acts of crime are committed within the frame of combat against terrorism, supporting freedom and protection of human rights with the endorsement and encouragement of human freedom and human rights organizations.
Muslims who make one billion of the population of the world – thanks God – are now obliged to show a reaction and rise up quickly for an all out confrontation. They must know that the global imperialism (may Allah terminate it) does not think of anything but eradication of Islam and Muslims and creating weakness and discord among them. It seeks destruction of all Islamic expressions and sacred sites so that, God forbid, no trace is left from Islam.
Heads of Islamic states must know that their prestige is linked entirely to Islam. If it is known, one day, that some of them have reached a covert agreement or established an official relation with Israel, they will be looked at as worthless and mean as Israel itself.
Today I alert you O Muslims of the world and lovers of the religion of Islam to rise up and stand against these enemies with divine power, do not show weakness against them. Late Imam Khomeini said: If every Muslim individual poured a bucket of water onto Israel, it would have been washed off the surface of the earth.
The problems which Israel and the US government have created in Iraq and which have hurt every one’s heart indicate that they have evil plans against Islam and Muslim. If we are indifferent, scared and negligent of what is going on, we will – as per the law – witness an even worse situation.
I reiterate that we cannot imagine a time better and more effective than we are in now to stand up against the global imperialism. Rise up and help Islam and Muslims, take advantage of the opportunity with trust in Omnipotent and Almighty God so that you may – God willing – come successful out of this important trial.

Muhammad Fazel Lankarani
18/Jamadi Al-Sani/1427