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Ghusl for Touching the Dead.

525. A child who is born after its mother has died should do Ghusl on attaining the age of puberty.

526. If a person touches a dead body after it has been given three obligatory Ghusls, Ghusl for touching will not be Wajib. However, if he touches any part of the dead body before the completion of 3 Ghusls, he should do Ghusl for touching the dead body, even if the 3rd Ghusl of that part which he has touched may have been done.

527. If a insane person or a minor touches a dead body, the insane person would do Ghusl when he becomes sane, and similarly the minor child would do Ghusl when he attains the age of puberty.

528. If part of body which has bone, is separated from a living person or a dead body and its is not given Ghusl, and a person touches it, he must perform Ghusl for touching the dead. And if that part does not have bone, a person who touches it must not perform Ghusl.

529. It is an obligatory precaution to perform Ghusl for touching the bones or teeth separated from the dead. Also, the same applies to the bone which is separated and it has no flesh. But touching the teeth separated from a living person which has no flesh, it is not obligatory to perform Ghusl

530. The method of doing Ghusl for touching the dead body is the same as of Ghusl for Janabat.

531. One Ghusl is sufficient for one who touches several corpses or touches the same corpse a number of times.

532. A person who has not done Ghusl after touching a dead body is not prohibited from halting or pausing in a Masjid or from having intercourse with his wife, or from reciting the verses of the Holy Qur’an which have obligatory Sajdah. However, he should do Ghusl for offering prayers or for other similar acts of worship, and it is better to perform Wudhu also.