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The Good and the Evil.

2117. Enjoining good and forbidding from evil is obligatory with conditions which will be described and failure to do that is a sinful act, and regarding Mustahab and Makrooh acts, it is also Mustahab.

2118. Enjoining good and forbidding from evil is a Kafaie obligation, i.e. if one of those who are obliged, acts then the others are relieved, but if it is necessary to form a gathering of obliged persons, they shall gather to do that.

2119. If some persons do enjoining and forbidding but it is not effective, and others think that they may possibly be successful, they should do it.

2120. In enjoying of good and prohibition of evil, stating Shariah issues is not sufficient and the obliged persons should actually do it.

2121. In enjoining of good and forbidding from evil, intention of Qurbat is not valid, because the purpose of act is performing an obligation and prohibition of a Haraam act.