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81. it is Mustahab that a person sitting for relieving himself, sits at a place where no one would see him, and enters the toilet with his left foot forward, and comes out with his right foot. It is also Mustahab to cover one’s head, and to place one’s weight on the left foot.

82. It is Makrooh to face the sun, or the moon, while relieving oneself. But if a person manages to cover his private parts, it will not be Makrooh. Moreover, it is Makrooh to sit for urinating etc. facing the wind; or on the road side, or in lanes, or in front of a doors of a house or under the shade of the fruit-yielding tree. It is also Makrooh to eat while relieving oneself, or take longer than usual time, or to wash oneself with the right hand. Talking is also Makrooh unless necessary. To utter words remembering Allah is not Makrooh.

83. It is Makrooh to urinate while standing, or on hard earth, or in the burrows of the animals, or in stationery water.

84. It is Makrooh to suppress or constrain one’s urge for urine or excretion, and if it is injurious to one’s health, it becomes Haraam.

85. It is Mustahab to urinate before Namaz, before retiring to sleep, before intercourse, and after ejaculation.