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Sweat of Haram.

121. The perspiration of a person who enters the state of Janabat by Haraam act is not Najis; but as an obligatory precaution, Namaz should not be offered with body or clothes coming into contact with that kind of sweat.

122. In case a person has intercourse with his wife at a time which is forbidden (for example, during the fasting period of the month of Ramadhan), the obligatory precaution is to avoid his sweat for the purpose of Namaz.

123. If a person in Janabat by Haraam act does Tayammum instead of Ghusl and sweats after that, it is an obligatory precaution to avoid his sweat for the purpose of Namaz.

124. If a person becomes Mujnib by Haraam act and then engages in lawful sexual intercourse with his wife, the obligatory precaution for him is that he should not offer prayers with his perspiration. But if he has lawful sexual intercourse in the first instance, and then commits the Haraam act, it is not necessary to avoid his sweat.