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How Pak thigs turn Najis.

129. If a Pak thing touches a Najis thing and if either or both of them are so wet that the wetness of one reaches the other, the Pak thing becomes Najis. But if the wetness is so little that the other one is not effected, the Pak thing does not become Najis.

130. If a Pak thing touches a Najis thing and one doubts whether both or any of them is wet, the Pak thing will not become Najis.

131. Two things which one does not know which of them is Pak and which is Najis, if they are touched by a Pak thing, it is not Najis; but if one of them has been Najis before and one does not know whether it is Pak or not at the moment, if it is touched by something Pak, it will be considered as Pak.

132. If the ground, cloth or similar things are wet, then only that part will become Najis where Nejasat reaches, and the remaining parts remain Pak.

133. When a syrop or ghee is in a fluid state, the entire quantity will become Najis immediately when even their slightest part becomes Najis. But if it has solidified, then only that part will be Najis, which has come in contact with Nejasat.

134. If a fly or an insect sits on wet, Najis thing, and later sits on wet, Pak thing, the Pak thing will become Najis; if one is sure that the insect was carrying Nejasat with it, and if one is not sure, then it remains Pak.

135. If a part of one’s body, which is perspiring becomes Najis, all those parts to which the sweat reaches, will become Najis. Where it does not reach will remain Pak.

136. If there is blood in the phlegm, or substance which comes out of the nose or throat, the part with blood will be Najis; and the remaining part will be Pak. Hence, if these substances come out of the mouth, or the nose, the part about which one is sure that Nejasat has reached, will be Najis; and the part about which one is doubtful whether Nejasat has reached it or not, will considered Pak.