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Rules of Zakat.

It is obligatory to pay Zakat on the following, things: Wheat, barley, dates, raisins, gold, silver, camel, cow, sheep. And if a person is the owner of any of these, things he should, in accordance with the conditions which will be mentioned later, put their fixed quantity to one of the uses as prescribed. It is Mustahab to pay Zakat out of business capital and activities every year.

1921. On the basis of obligatory precaution, Zakat should not be paid on Sult, which is a soft, grain like wheat with the property of barely and on “alas, which is like wheat, and is the food of the people of San’a, as an obligatory precaution, Zakat should be paid.

  • How Zakat becomes obligatory
  • Zakat of Wheat, Barely, Dates and Raisins
  • Limit of Gold Zakat
  • Limit of Silver Zakat
  • Zakat of Camel, Cow, and Sheep
  • How Zakat is spent
  • Those who are entitled to receive zakat
  • Niyyat of Zakkat
  • Miscellaneous rules of zakat
  • Zakat of fitreah
  • Miscellaneous Issues regarding zakat of fitreah