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Namaz (Praying)

  • Rules of Namaz
  • Obligatory Prayers

    Prayers which should be offered sequentially
  • Recommendatory (Mustahab) Prayers
  • The Time of daily Nafilah prayer
  • Ghufayla prayers
  • Rules of Qibla
  • Covering body in Namaz
  • Place of offering prayers
  • Mosque rules
  • Adhan and ighamah
  • Obligation of Namaz
  • Qunut (Supplication)
  • Translation of Namaz
  • Pursuance of Namaz
  • Salawat (Praise) on the Holy Prophet (SAW)
  • What Invalidates Namaz
  • What is unrecommended in Namaz
  • Cases that obligatory namaz is breakable
  • Doubts in Namaz
  • Precuationary (Ihtiyat) Namaz
  • Sajdeh for forgotten acts
  • Qadha of Sajdah and Tashahud that are forgotten
  • Additing or omitting the details or conditions of Namaz
  • Traveler's prayer
  • Qadha of Namaz
  • Mass prayers
  • Namaz e Ayat
  • Friday prayers
  • Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha prayers
  • Hiring for prayers