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"Declare [O' Muhammad]: "I ask you of no recompense for my toil except the love for my kin (family)." Whose earns good, We shall expand it for him. Verily Allah is oft-forgiving, appreciates good works". (42:23)
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  • Q & A:  

    Question1: What is your fatwa about reciting Ashhad anna alian waliullah in Tashahhud?
    Answer1: Do not read the third testimony in Tashahhud. Tashahhud has to be recited in the same manner that has been explained in the manual of Islamic Laws.

    Q2: Can I make a fixed-time marriage (mutah) with a prostitute, only for the satisfaction of my sexual needs?
    A2: If a woman is known as a lewd person, it will not be permissible to marry her till she has genuinely repented.

    Q3: Can I contract temporary marriage with a virgin girl without his father's permission?
    A3: No, it is not permissible as an obligatory precaution.

    Q4: I have a question about blood matam or what is known as Qama zani or Tatbir? What is your ruling about using blades, knives, swords and spilling blood during mourning rituals? Is it permissible?
    A4: It is necessary to act during Muharram rituals in such manner that it attracts others to the Imam Husain and his holy objective. So it is advisable to narrate the history of Ashura, cry, beat the chest and hold lamentation ceremonies, so it will cause Islam to be disseminated and the memory of those devotions to be revived. But to wound oneself with a poniard or a knife or sword which has no rational basis and justification for Islam's foes will play a negative role; therefore, it is necessary for the Shiites believing in Imam Hussein's school to avoid it.

    Q5: Is smoking permitted in Islam?
    A5: It is not prohibited but those who are not smokers are advised to refrain from smoking, and those who smoke are strongly recommended to give it up if they are aware of the harmful effects that smoking can have on their health. Yes, if a doctor says to someone that smoking has serious harm for his health, it is obligatory on him not to smoke.

    Q6: What is the ruling regarding tattoos, according to Jafari jurisprudence?
    A6: Tattooing on the skin is permitted on the condition that it does not harm the body. However it is forbidden to tattoo profane images or pornographic images and the like.

    Q7: What is Taqlid?
    A7: Taqlid means acting according to the fatwas (verdicts) of the most learned Mujtahid.

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